A brief history of the people behind Marvelous Store

In 2013, when two of our friends were desperately looking for a wooden atasabil crib for their first little girl, I recommended that they pass by my father to see what cribs are occurring at our factory in Botosani for Tobi, his client in Germany. They loved the cribs atasabile Babybay and, seeing their reaction, we came up with the idea of bringing them to Romania.

My father, Iulian, together with his good friend, Gal, founded in the year 1992, in Botosani, the Flaro factory, where they started making wooden toys for children. Later they expanded their range and kindergarten furniture. For 20 years they only worked for export, having clients in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, even Japan.

In October 2013, encouraged by family and friends, we laid the foundations of the online store Marvelous store, through which we proposed to introduce on the Romanian market the toys manufactured in Romania highly appreciated by the foreigners and also to bring Products for children that are innovative, safe, unique and sustainable.

You will find in our shop precursory, swingers, walking, tricycles, a wide range of kindergarten furniture and co-sleeper cribs. We will bring new and new toys to our very dear New Year.

In The 5 years since I started this adventure of entrepreneurship I have learned a lot of things. The road was not easy, on the contrary, we encountered countless problems. We took care of business, one at the job, Celaltat at the store, and vice versa. We don’t just live in this business, though that’s what we’d like. We trust that in the future we will succeed in doing so with your help.

Thank you for joining us in all this adventure and we promise that we will be as Marvelous as ever before.

Andra ojog

Andra has 10 years of experience in communication and public relations. Why an online shop with children’s products? For the mere fact that her father produces them for 25 years for export and because he decided it is time to make PR for these products in Romania. Children must play with natural and quality toys, non-toxic, sustainable and much more resilient. And parents need to aware the importance of using environment-friendly products.

Lucian Istrate
One man show

Lucian is a professional engineer surveyor. In apparent no relation to the field, but the experience of counseling in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry helped him to understand the importance of the major that we should give to the rational use of renewable natural resources. From here and the initiative of involvement in a long-term project for parents and children. Parents are the most important promoters of this movement. They are the ones who, through their actions, educate generations of tomorrow.